About Dustin Kent

Throughout his personal and professional life, Dustin has been driven by a spirit of service and compassion towards others. He is a natural caregiver, and has received extensive training and education in the field.

For nearly half of his life (14+ years) Dustin served as a lifeguard and swim instructor, where he taught individual and group swim lessons, skills classes and diving instruction. Dustin completed his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification. As an EMT, Dustin assisted and monitored patients en route to hospital care. Dustin also received training as a phlebotomy technician and performed more than 250 venipuncture procedures with patients. In June 2013, Dustin was hired at Aegis Assisted Living where he cared for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In 2014 he began working as a private hospice care nurse. His employer Debra Deyan stated, ”Dustin was a huge asset to my husband who has since passed away from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).  At the time, my husband, barely clinging to life, was completely paralyzed and living on a ventilator.  Just one week after Dustin joined the nurse team, I coined him the nickname of “Big Brain” because Dustin always had the most intelligent and compassionate solution for every problem my husband faced each day”.  Another client, Patricia Everett said “It’s not often that I have found a nurse so caring! Dustin treated my son with much dignity and compassion, speaking to him and explaining everything even though my son could not talk back.  I was so very grateful for his kindness.”  During this time, Dustin spent countless hours watching, monitoring and comforting people in the direst of circumstances.  Dustin completed his nursing degree in 2014 when he graduated Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honors Society from the College of the Canyons. Dustin is currently employed as a medical-surgical nurse at the Southern California Hospital of Hollywood.

What Others Say About Dustin

He has a burning desire to have a strong family filled with love and faith and his word is his bond. He won’t break that for anything.

Since Dustin and I met 18 years ago, we were inseparable. There wasn’t a day that went by without seeing or speaking to each other.

Dustin came to work for me after a long friendship with my daughter. He was one of the most honest and hard working young men we know.

When you are experiencing the major defining moments in your life, you want the people that you love and that mean the most to you to share in those memories, and Dustin was there for every single one of mine.

Dustin showed great courage in his decision to find his daughter. I wish we all could display a small amount of the courage that he did