Custody Orders from Peru showing Dustin has full custody in that country.

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The US citizen Dustin William Kent and his friend Kevin Critchley released yesterday from the maximum security prison, Miguel Castro Castro, after spending seven months in detention without a sentence after being accused of kidnapping his own daughter in San Borja .

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Criminal Judge of Lima, Lorena Alessi ordered the release of US citizen Dustin William Kent who was accused of kidnapping his youngest daughter Adriana five years in San Borja in February and ordered his ban from leaving the country until the completion of investigations it is followed by subtraction to low.

Judge of the 10 Criminal Court of Lima ordered the release of the US, after changing the type of criminal offense of aggravated kidnapping for child abduction, to determine that he is her father and is holding her daughter since April 24 2015, by the Court of California of the United States.

Therefore, for Dustin Kent judge he did not commit the crime of aggravated kidnapping and child abduction but also ordered the release of his friend the British Kevin Critchley also incarcerated in the maximum security prison Miguel Castro Castro.

Criminal Judge of Lima, he varied the custody for conditional appearance with rules of conduct, to order the prohibition to leave the country and pay a thousand soles for caution in order not shun justice and to be paid within 15 days.

Another of the rules of conduct that must meet is no change of address without notice of the judge promptly attend all the summonses to be made in this process, not leave the territory of the Republic without notice of the court and assist each 30 days to the biometric registration in order to account for their activities.

Dustin Kent’s lawyer, Sandro Monteblanco Marquez requested the release of his sponsor claiming that a person can remain in prison when the sentence is more than 4 years and the crime of abduction the penalty is two years’ imprisonment.

Also, the head 10 Criminal Court of Lima changed the criminal, because the prosecution did not present enough evidence to accuse the US for the crime of aggravated kidnapping.

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