Dustin Kent is a U.S. citizen, a registered nurse and a father. Dustin has been involved in an on-going custody dispute with his ex-wife since September 30, 2012. After being denied sole custody of their daughter, Dustin’s ex-wife (Rose) accused him of molestation in an attempt to get the court to side with her and grant her sole custody. Dustin was devastated by these false accusations, and he went through rigorous investigations by the local authorities and the Department of Child and Family Services. During this time, Dustin was forced to pay for limited, supervised visits with his daughter.

On January 21, 2015 Dustin and Rose met in court, where Rose was once again denied sole custody of their daughter. The judge then set a final hearing for April 24, 2015. Immediately after the January hearing, Rose took their daughter and fled to Peru where she went into hiding. This action was illegal and without consent from both Dustin, and the court.

Once again, devastated by the actions of his ex-wife and fearing for the safety and well-being of his daughter, Dustin began working with the U.S. State Department and Peruvian Central Authority to locate Rose and bring his daughter back to the United States.

In April, 2015 Dustin appeared in court for the final custody hearing. The outcome of the hearing found that Rose’s failure to appear provided strong, if not conclusive evidence, that she had abducted the child. Furthermore, they granted Dustin sole legal and physical custody of their daughter and found that the charges of sexual misconduct levied at Dustin were part of a plan to interfere with his custodial rights.  It was concluded that Dustin posed no threat to his daughter, and the court found that the Rose’s actions constituted greater harm and conduct likely to cause severe injury to their daughter. (See legal tab for full court documentation).

After more than a year, neither the U.S. State Department or Peruvian Central Authority had been able to locate Rose or his daughter. In February 2016, Dustin traveled to Peru to locate his daughter, and bring her home. After finding and picking up his daughter, Rose once again interfered with Dustin’s legal and physical custody by creating a media frenzy claiming two foreigners had kidnapped their daughter. Dustin was eventually arrested by Peruvian Police and charged with kidnapping. Dustin is currently being held in Miguel Castro Castro prison, pending the outcome of an investigation into the allegations of kidnapping.

This website was created to provide resources, background and more information about who Dustin is, the nature of his character, and how you can help.

We love and miss Dustin and Adrianna dearly and want nothing more than to see them back home safely. We appreciate the love and support of everyone who has helped share this message, donated to the legal costs, signed the petition, and offered prayers of encouragement on Dustin’s behalf.

— Dustin’s Family and Friends