IMG_1455WORLD_brightMy name is Dustin Kent. I am a California resident from Los Angeles, a U.S. citizen, a father, family oriented and a Registered Nurse. I have a huge dilemma regarding my ex-wife and our daughter, Adrianna. My ex abducted Adrianna from Los Angeles on January 21, 2015 and fled to Peru without my consent. She lied in court to try to take my custody away, and when things weren’t going her way, she fled the country.

After more than a year of torment, aggravation, devastation and absolute sadness from trying to get my daughter back through the U.S. State Department and the Peruvian Central Authority and it leading no where, I came to Peru to find her myself. Once I located my daughter I obtained her from my ex. My ex called the authorities and alerted the media saying someone else kidnapped her daughter, lying to their faces. Having court documents in hand awarding me full custody of my daughter in the States, I thought I would be OK. But now I’m wrongfully sitting in a Peruvian prison for kidnapping my own child, which is mind boggling and unfair.

My hearing is in mid-April and I need support from our U.S. Government to ensure I get a fair and just hearing and prevent my ex-wife’s family, who have ties to government and judicial officials, from intimidating or influencing the outcome of my trial. My ex is trying to decimate me with a 35-year prison sentence when she is the guilty party with warrants and criminal charges in the United States.
Please help in any way possible. I just want to be home in America with my family, my fiancé and her son and get back to life and work.

-Dustin Kent