Dustin was granted custody of Adrianna this week! Dustin is one step closer to being reunited with his daughter. Peru recognized his U.S. Court Orders as legal and binding in Peru! ‪ There was a hearing in Lima for Dustin’s “Recognition of Foreign Sentence” where the judge ruled that Dustin’s custody orders from the Superior Court in California are valid in Peru. We are waiting to find out from the State Department exactly what that means in terms of Adrianna coming home to the USA.

A couple of months ago, Dustin filed a slander suit against Rose. She has lied to the police and the media about numerous things that have put him in prison, hurt his reputation and could impact his career as a nurse. She did this with clear understanding and knowledge that these were outright lies! Dustin has gone through the motions of proving this to a judge in Peru. They both went through the process of testifying before the judge and the motions are complete. The hearing is now concluded and we are waiting for the judge to make a ruling. This can take days or weeks in Peru but we will keep you updated. This is a criminal case in Peru that could put Rose in prison for up to 3 years.

Another open case that Dustin has against Rose is psychological abuse of him and Adrianna by abducting Adrianna and separating their father daughter bond. This is still in early stages and Dustin is waiting to testify in this case.

There are other cases still open and pending in Peru, the most important of all being the false kidnapping charge by Rose. A favorable outcome of the slander suit will benefit Dustin in the kidnapping case.

Thanks for all your prayers and support of Dustin. He is innocent and deserves to be with his daughter. We hope to see him free soon!

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  1. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I don’t understand. He WAS granted custody in Peruvian courts, but he’s STILL in prison for “kidnapping”??? How can that been be possible? Dustin being granted custody should prove he DIDN’T kidnap his daughter, right? Why haven’t they dropped charges and released him already?? How awful for the whole family to have to be going through all of this!


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