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Judge Finds Rose Chacon Guilty of Slander

Sentences her to 20 months in Prison and orders her to retract all of her statements. Translation to English: PRONOUNCEMENT By way of the above considerations, imposing justice on behalf of the Nation, the Judge of the Seventh Criminal Court of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima. BREAKDOWN: 1. DECLARING: UNFOUNDED the blemish presented by […]


Dustin Released from Prison

The US citizen Dustin William Kent and his friend Kevin Critchley released yesterday from the maximum security prison, Miguel Castro Castro, after spending seven months in detention without a sentence after being accused of kidnapping his own daughter in San Borja . Read Full Article: http://www.elpopular.pe/actualidad-y-policiales/2016-09-24-poder-judicial-norteamericano-y-amigo-abandonaron-ayer-el-penal Image Copyright: elpopular.pe


Judge orders Dustin Release from Prison

Criminal Judge of Lima, Lorena Alessi ordered the release of US citizen Dustin William Kent who was accused of kidnapping his youngest daughter Adriana five years in San Borja in February and ordered his ban from leaving the country until the completion of investigations it is followed by subtraction to low. Judge of the 10 […]


Dustin was granted custody of Adrianna this week! Dustin is one step closer to being reunited with his daughter. Peru recognized his U.S. Court Orders as legal and binding in Peru! ‪ There was a hearing in Lima for Dustin’s “Recognition of Foreign Sentence” where the judge ruled that Dustin’s custody orders from the Superior […]

Who is the criminal? You decide.

Who was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol?  ROSE CHACON On June 7, 2008, Rose was arrested for driving with a blood alcohol content of .15.  On July 2, 2008 Rose was convicted and given 36 months of probation.   She missed multiple probation violation hearings and had two bench warrants issued (January 22, […]